CPY 4252-Clinical Assessment and Treatment (3)
According to BBS requirements, this course introduces the basic appraisal concepts to be utilized for diagnosis, assessment, prognosis, and treatment of mental disorders within the scope of practice for marriage and family therapists and professional clinical counselors. It surveys various instruments, procedures, methods, and interview techniques used for developmental, behavioral, cognitive, affective, learning, and personality assessment. Emphasis is placed on understanding, criticizing, and using the assessment report to assist in the development of an approach to treatment. Includes BBS mandates for the assessment, appraisal, and testing of individuals, including basic concepts of standardized and non-standardized testing and other assessment techniques, norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment, statistical concepts, social and cultural factors related to assessment and evaluation of individuals and groups, and ethical strategies for selecting, administering, and interpreting assessment instruments and techniques in counseling. Appropriate treatment planning and collaborative treatment with health care providers and family members is reviewed. Cultural competency and sensitivity and its incorporation in the assessment and treatment process including but not limited to familiarity with the racial, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds of persons living in California as well as how experiences of race, ethnicity, class, spirituality, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and the effects of socioeconomic status and available resources impact assessment/treatment.